Max Sirotovsky founded Island of Treats in 2011 with a goal to provide an engaging retail experience for a product that no one resist - candy!

Max's background in real estate and leasing gives our owners an insight into Mall based operating critical for the brand -  the right lease, in the right mall and at the right time. He knows that the customer is the key to any business and always focuses on what they want or need. Even though Max has been at work as an entrepreneur from early adulthood, he is a kid at heart.

Max created the concept of Island Of Treats and opened several candy kiosks, developing the brand, operating the day to day business and helping others learn how to run the business. He knows that no one "needs" candy, but everyone "loves" it and Island Of Treats is there to create a little bit of happiness every single day.

Years of Experience
Smiles Delivered Daily