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Come and discover a world of sweets! Island of Treats is a revolutionary bulk confectionery filled with a vast variety of delicious sweets - ranging from mouthwatering gummies, gourmet chocolates, to slowly roasted toffee nuts. Who doesn't love to indulge themselves with the irresistible and sweet sensation of their favorite candy? Young or old - there is always something for everyone at Island of Treats.

Why Island of Treats?

Hand to Bag transaction
  • “Business-in-a-box” Assembled under eight hours.

  • Don’t wait to build out! Open Immediately.

  • Low Royalty Fees and Most Importantly NO “Double-Dipping”

  • Flexible Financing Opportunities Available!

  • We cherish our Earth! We eco-invest by planting five trees for every
    business per location, per day.

How Does Island of Treats Work?

Strawberry Rings Scooped

At Island of Treats, customers are able to mix and match anything they please and best of all - everything is the same price! Just pay based on the weight of the bag. Get as much, or as little as you want to please your sweet tooth!

Island of Treats designed their patent pending retail display unit focusing on providing the licensing operator ease of assembly and convenient daily operation. The kiosk features a built in self-contained commissary plumbing system and a "plug & play" electrical setup that will get you started serving customers in no time!

Enabling you to be open within days of installation is just part of the extra sweetness Island of Treats has to offer.

The Simplicity of Your Own Sweet Island:

Smiling Transaction

Island of Treats is a genuine turn-key operation without the headaches and stressful pressures that are typically found in food related business ventures. Island of Treats will personally deliver, assemble, install and fully setup your retail confectionery unit overnight at your selected and approved site. Come into your brand new store the next morning and begin your first day by switching the lights on. Now it's time for your initial training!

Train and Gain:

Point of Sales System

The initial training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge to manage and operate an Island of Treats concept - including systems, operations, marketing and sales techniques for the management of your confectionary unit. After the unit is installed, we will provide on-site support and training to you to get you started!

Island of Treats is seeking highly motivated Licensing Partners to continue our business development. It is preferred (but not always required) that Island of Treats Partners has:

  • Restaurant management experience as an owner and/or operator* AND/OR -

  • Experience as an owner and/or operator* by possessing a lease with a mall, airport, transportation or entertainment venue.

  • Enthusiasm and passion for owning their own confectionary license and creating ever-lasting memories for their visitors.

  • An enjoyment in giving back to their world and communities.

  • Island of treats plants five trees for each business location per day.

To simplify your operations even more, Island of Treats licensee support teams includes development and leasing experts, operational support professionals, training managers and marketing managers.

Island of Treats offers annual business support. From Marketing Programs such as Social Media management, Brochure Designs, New Product Introductions, Media Pitches, Technical Phone Support, a detailed licensee operation manual and quick access to personal assistance from the team at Island of Treats – you will always have a committed team leading you forward, every step of the way!

Avoid Being Double Dipped!:

To sweeten things up even more - Island of Treats sticks to a strict NO "double dipping" policy, which is exclusive to anyone who is part of the Island of Treats Business Family. Typically, conventional food licensee collect more than just a royalty fee; they also lock the licensee into an exclusive and direct inventory purchasing agreement with the licensor. Essentially, this restricts the licensee to one single market at all times, thus making the licensee vulnerable to uncontrolled prices set by the licensor.

In contrast, Island of Treats enables you to have complete control of your purchasing inventory! Which means you are able to source the candy from any local food/confectionery distributors in the area – as you please. However, should you choose otherwise, you may also purchase candy and various merchandise from Island of Treats at low wholesale prices.

NO "double dipping" entitles you to earn more, by saving more on your cost of goods. Transform those savings into operating profits on the very first day you open! The vision of Island of Treats is to help independent business owners bring a moment of bliss to their customers one scoop of candy at a time!

Disclaimer: the licensee must carry all of the name brand candy that Island of Treats requires.

Never Let Your Business Leave Your Side Again:

Never let your business leave your side

Best of all, the complete retail unit is on invisible wheels making it completely modular, simple to move around, and a secure tangible investment - just in case things don't work out in the venue where you are located initially.

Skip the line and be open immediately – financing opportunities available.

2014 Development Incentives*:

Island of Treats is offering up some fantastic incentives to new candidates. Please see if you are qualified for either discounts listed below:

Sign on to join the Island of Treats family in 2014 or 2015 and receive $10,000 in starting initial inventory free of charge. In addition, you'll receive free freight delivery, assembly and complete setup of your unit by our team - valued at $5,000. This incentive applies to all new single-unit or multi-unit licensees.

Sign on to a multi-unit store development agreement for three units or more and you’ll receive a $25,000 discount from the total amount of the license fees.

As a proud supporter of our U.S. Military Veterans, Island of Treats is pleased to offer eligible U.S. Military Veterans (those who served on duty of 20 years or more) a complete waiver of the 10-year Initial License Fee on their first confectionery! Those veterans who served between 1-9 years will receive a 25% discount and those who serviced between 10-19 years will receive a 50% discount of the 10-year Initial License Fee.

Candidates who are existing shopping mall, event arena or transportation venue operators (business or independent, food, retail or kiosk) will receive a 25% discount of the 10-year Initial License Fee.

*Proof of documentation may be required to be qualified for any of the discounts listed above.
*See Island of Treats License Disclosure Document for full details.

Come and see why Island of Treats is truly the “sweetest” business around.


Tell us more about yourself and we will get back to you with business information!

Legal Disclaimer:

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a business. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of licensees: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of or want to locate a business in one of these states, we will not offer you a license unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state. Licensing offerings are made by License Disclosure Document only.